Rated R Special Event

Henry Phillips!

Fri, Apr 5, 2024
Sat, Apr 6, 2024
Rated R Special Event

Henry Phillips!

He's been stepped on, looked past and walked over for decades.

His two amazing films, "Punching the Clown" and "Punching Henry," hilariously chronicle that oft-awkward career path. But those days are over, baby.

This humble, soft-spoken and unassuming GENIUS has always been a favorite. And when he comes back to town this weekend, he'll be better than ever!

Henry is a virtuoso guitarist and wickedly-talented at writing dark and silly comedy gems.

He's also mastered the "Web Series" genre' with 4 classics, "The Loner," "You and your Fuc#ing Coffee," "The Highwayman," and the incomparable "Henry's Kitchen."

He's also had his own Comedy Central Special, performed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and countless times on the powerhouse nationally-syndicated "The Bob and Tom Radio Show!"

PLUS, he was "John the server guy" on HBO's "Silicon Valley."

Don't miss our first visit in five years from the great Henry Phillips!