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ALL shows with CHARLIE MURPHY this week are still OPEN
Get your TIX and your guaranteed unforgettable night out ASAP !

Thu-Sat Oct 23-25

Charlie Murphy


ALL 5 Shows are OPEN !  Get your tickets ASAP !

Don't miss the great Charlie Murphy's 1st time at the Jukebox!  Comedian, actor, screen-writer--hilarious must-see STAR.  He has two acclaimed comedy specials, "I Will Not Apologize" and "Charlie Murphy's Acid Trip" and is working on a third.  You've seen him in dozens of movies and, of course, 3 incredible seasons of "Chappelle's Show."
His films include "Lottery Ticket," "King's Ransom," "Jungle Fever," "Roll Bounce," "Night at the Museum," "Harlem Nights," "CB4" and many more. He's currently playing the role of "Vic" on Adult Swim's "Black Jesus!"
  You can get a signed copy of his autobiography "The Making of a Stand-Up Guy" when you come to the show!
SHOWTIMES:  THU at 8 p.m. and  FRI and SAT at 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m
TICKET PRICES for Charlie's Shows:  THU - $25   FRI and SAT - $30

The easiest way is through the secure reservation form on the website.
Call the club 24/7 at 309-673-5853 and pay by phone with debit/credit card. Then, you simply pick up your tickets when your arrive the night of your show.
You could also reserve your tickets online or by phone and then stop by the club with cash.
The BEST days/times to stop by the club are  5 p.m. - 10 p.m. WED-SAT's. 
We are here every day and many more hours, but these are the best days/times for in-person transactionsReserve First before stopping by !


Rated - R

Oct 30 - Nov 1

Shawn Gnandt

SHOWTIMES:  THU at 8 p.m., FRI at 8 p.m. and SAT at 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

TICKET PRICE for Shawn's Shows:  $12.

It's an OCT and NOV birthday special for these 4 shows !  OCT and NOV birthdays will get in FREE this weekend with $2 OFF anyone else in the party !

Nov 6-8

Greg "The Fluteman" Warren

Greg Warren is one our all-time favorites!  His collection of "characters" from childhood through
adulthood is hysterical!   He has his own Comedy Central Special, performances on "Last Comic Standing" and "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," CMT, BET and much more!   Don't miss this clarinet-playing ( NOT a FLUTE, Hughie! ), All-American Wrestling, West Point graduating Bob and Tom "All Star!"
SHOWTIMES:  THU at 8 p.m. and FRI and SAT at 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.
TICKET PRICES for GREG'S SHOWS:  THU at 8 p.m. and FRI / SAT 10:30 Shows - $12
                                        FRI and SAT at 8 p.m. - $15
Rated - R ( mild )

Nov 13-15

Andy Kindler

Don't miss the 1st Jukebox appearance for one of the all-time "comic's comics!"
5 years on "Everybody Loves Raymond," over 50 appearances on "Letterman," IFC's "Maron," Fox's "Bob's Burgers," 2 Comedy Central Specials, one of the judges on Season 7 of  "Last Comic Standing" and so much more!
He is one of the greats!
SHOWTIMES:  THU at 8 p.m. and FRI and SAT at 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.
TICKET PRICES for ANDY'S SHOWS:  THU at 8 p.m. and FRI/SAT 10:30 Shows - $12
                                         FRI and SAT at 8 p.m. - $15
Rated - R ( mild )


One Night Only!

Tuesday Nov 18
Mick Foley Returns!

Don't miss the RETURN of this WWE Hall of Fame Wrestler - turned Author – turned hilarious Stand-Up Comic !!  His show in 2012 was fantastic and it will be again !
Meet-n-Greet after the show !   HURRY !
SHOWTIME:  8 P.M.  ( doors open at 7 )
TICKET PRICE:  $25 ( $26 w/c.c. )

Rated - R ( mild )


Nov 20-22

Ms. Pat

She was SO good in January that we had to have her back before the end of the year!
You must see one of comedy's new "sensations."  Her real life story is enough to fill volumes of books and a dozen comedy specials. "She's been through hell and back and came out laughing on the other side." She's performed on the TV Guide Network's "Comedy in Stilettos" and Nickelodeon's “Mom’s Night Out.”  She is a regular guest on the "The Bob and Tom Radio Show."  You can see her on the DVD release of Katt Williams'  “Kattpacalypse.”  She was recently interviewed on Marc Maron's wildly-successful podcast "WTF."
SHOWTIMES:  THU at 8 p.m. and FRI and SAT at 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.
TICKET PRICES for MS. PAT'S SHOWS:  THU at 8 p.m. and FRI / SAT 10:30 Shows - $12
                                                 FRI and SAT at 8 p.m. - $15
Rated - R


Fri-Sat Dec 12-13

Special Showtimes of 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. each night for a Special Performer!
All-time great Heywood Banks is BACK !!  World-class comic.  World-class musician and song-writer.  World-class SHOW !  Heywood is one-of-a-kind !
Yeah, TOAST !
SHOWTIMES: FRI and SAT at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.
TICKET PRICES for Heywood's Shows:  $19 ( $18 w/cash ) except for the FRI 9:30 show which is $16 ( $15 w/cash )
Rated - PG